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How to Make Your Food Storage Containers Work for You

How to Make Sure Your Food Storage Containers Work for You.


I love my food storage containers. I love buying them and I love using them for my food prep. Although I can’t keep my food container cupboard tidy, it seems to have a mind of its own- does yours? Still I misplace lids, so any help with these two would be wonderful!


I know many of you are concerned about using food storage containers. As a Mum and nutritional therapist, I prepare fresh, healthy food everyday and am dedicated to showing you how you can do this too. The key is great preparation. And I’ll own it- I prep like a boss! That means my food storage containers get a regular work out.


I know the food I put in them is healthy, but how healthy are my (and your!) food storage containers? I decided to find out….


Many plastic containers label BPA and this is because some consumers are concerned about it. BPA stands for bisphenol A and is an industrial chemical used to make certain types of plastics since the 1960s. BPA is found in many plastics, and in food cans, as well as other plastic goods.


The US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) current perspective is that BPA is safe at stipulated current levels although it claims to review available information and studies on BPA.


Whilst some people refuse to use any plastic food storage containers, I’m happy to still use them armed with the following knowledge that I want to share with you here:


  1. Plastics Numbers to Avoid


The plastics you want to avoid are numbers 3, 6, and 7. These are the types that can leach chemicals into your food and drink. Most plastics have a number that relates to the type of plastic it is made from; the number can be found in the triangle recycling symbol that recyclable plastics are marked with. Find out more here about what the numbers mean.


  1. Safer Plastic Numbers


1, 2, 4 and 5 are considered the ‘safer’ plastics so make sure you look out for these.


  1. Keep Plastics Away from Heat


Heat tends to promote the leaching of chemicals. Even the safer types of plastics (as above, 1, 2, 4 and 5) may cause chemicals to leach. As I mentioned I store my food in my plastic food storage containers but I heat my food in the microwave in glass or ceramic containers, plate or bowls. This does take away some of the convenience and it’s an extra dish washing but it’s safety for me first!


  1. Put Them in The Top Rack of the Dishwasher or Wash Them by Hand


The heating element at the bottom of the dishwasher might warp the plastic so it’s best to put them in the top rack or an even better option would be to wash them by hand. I know, extra dishwashing but safety first!


  1. Replace Your Plastic Food Containers Often


If you’re anything like me, you can admit it- you love plastic container shopping so this one won’t be hard! If any of your plastic containers are scratched or cloudy then throw them out. BPA is more likely to leach into foods from damaged containers and they can also harbor bacteria. So bin and shop!

Here is an extra tip, if you come across any plastic that smells, don’t buy it. If you already have it, throw it away. Zoe at heart2shine is a smeller!  Her home is plastic smell free zone :)

Alternatively, you can go glass.


You will see more and more glass storage containers as more  consumers move away form plastics. Lids are still plastic but against glass cannot be contaminated by leaching plastic.


As with everything, a little bit of change makes a difference. Make time to get into your food container cupboard and give it a good clear out. Let me know how you go! As well as tell me your tips for managing those lids 😉

Happy Cooking!


If you want to know more about healthy eating, weight loss or suspect you might not be getting enough nutrients from the food you eat, please email Mandie Spooner to explore how she can help you feel your best


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One thought on “How to Make Your Food Storage Containers Work for You

  1. LOVE this Mandie- great, practical advice. Yes I smell my plastic!!!! And I’m slowly replacing my plastic containers with glass ones.
    Personally I LOVE being organised and looking at my own tea cupboard (teas in containers, labelled and dated) makes me HAPPY!
    Thanks for sharing!

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